Can you replace baffles in exhaust


Web. Re-packed the 1.75" baffles last fall. I just sprayed down the outer baffle edge and nut/bolt with WD-40 and let soak for a bit. Then made a hook out of a clothes hanger and pulled out the baffle with ease. As stated - use blue loctite on bolt/nut. southernman_67 Gypsy on Parade Joined Jun 10, 2011 4,943 Posts #4 · Jul 16, 2013 662HP said:. This deterioration can cause what is called leaking in the exhaust baffle. Leaking can create an annoying rattling sound when riding the bike. Exhaust baffles cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced entirely. This increases the maintenance costs of the motorcycle. However, new replacement baffles are relatively inexpensive..





Answer (1 of 4): Yes, it can. It can lean out the air/fuel mixture to an extreme. This will result in a melted piston (or 2). All motorcycles use intake and exhaust that are tuned to the particular engine. You can replace the exhaust with a slip-on muffler from the aftermarket that was designed t. Web.


I'm not completely dissapointed, but it hasn't been what I wanted. Yes they are a bit louder than factory and they look pretty good but they have an annoying backfire at times. Plus they could be louder. Long story short local bike shop said replacing the baffles with Big City Thunder replacments would give me a better sound with more hp.